Friday, March 14, 2008

WIZARD Interview

Wizard have just been talking to Jock and myself about our work on LENNY ZERO and beyond.

Sunday, March 09, 2008


Sci-fi crime caper LENNY ZERO was the first collaboration between Jock and myself, and it's never been reprinted... until now!

MEGA-CITY UNDERCOVER includes the complete three-story run of LENNY ZERO, plus the excellent LOWLIFE by Rob Williams, Henry Flint and Simon Coleby.

It also features an all-new introduction by myself and an all-new cover by Jock.

SFX magazine have been chatting with both the LENNY ZERO and LOWLIFE creative teams in anticipation of the book's release, which is due... sometime this month, apparently! It only says "March" on the 2000AD website (which I guess is better than the Amazon UK listing, which says it was due out in January).

If you haven't read LENNY ZERO yet, be warned that the marketing blurb on 2000AD's site and Amazon UK massively spoils the twist ending of Lenny's origin story. Thanks, Tharg!

Instead, here's the LENNY ZERO blurb I wrote for my website:

Lenny Zero was a Mega-City Judge, a member of Justice Department's oddball Undercover Division, nicknamed the "Wally Squad". But Lenny made a big mistake. He fell in love...

When his cover was blown, mob boss "Little Caesar" Piccante threatened to kill Lenny's girlfriend Mona, unless he agreed to betray Justice Department. But Lenny had long since lost faith in the system, and wanted nothing more than to live free with the woman he loved.

And so he secretly plotted to turn the tables on Caesar and Justice Department both - by stealing Caesar's fortune!

At least, that was the plan...

I'll be signing both this and the imminent GREEN ARROW: YEAR ONE hardcover at London's Orbital Comics on Charing Cross Road on April 12th. After which there's the distinct possibility of a pint.

Friday, March 07, 2008

Jeff Parker's GAMEKEEPER Vol. 2

AICN Comics have a six-page preview of GAMEKEEPER volume 2, with the mighty Jeff Parker taking over on writing duties.

Good job, too -- that last writer sucked.

(Scroll down for it).

Eagle Awards Nominations

The Eagle Awards are open for nominations until 22nd March, with HELLBLAZER already nominated for Favourite Colour Comicbook (American).

All of my work published during 2007 is eligible, including both HELLBLAZER # 238 ("THE SMOKE") and GREEN ARROW: YEAR ONE for Favourite Comics Story, and Oliver Queen and John Constantine for Favourite Comics Hero.

Personally, I'll be voting Jock for Favourite Artist for GREEN ARROW: YEAR ONE plus Favourite Cover Artist for SCALPED, and John Wagner for the Roll of Honour. Who's with me?