Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Forbidden Planet London Signing

Jock and I will be signing the new edition of THE LOSERS at Forbidden Planet London this Thursday from 6 to 7pm.

Hopefully there should be some freebie posters available courtesy of those nice folks at Optimum Releasing.

Come and say hi!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Lots of LOSERS Trailer Screencaps...

... here and here courtesy of Jeffrey Dean Morgan Unlimited.

THE LOSERS: First Test Screening

I hope nobody's gonna get in trouble for breaching an NDA, but here are some first-hand reactions to THE LOSERS test screening at The Bridge in LA last week.

Linal says, "I saw LOSERS at test screening. Loads of fun, although still needs some tweaks. Great ensemble, Zoe as hot as a spitfire. Definitely can go up against the big boys. Jason Patric steals the show as villain Max. Hilarious and scary at same time. Plus very sexy."

FooFarmer says, "Was at the Bridge last week as well for that preview screening. LOSERS had a lot of laughs. Audience reaction was pretty vocal in favor. Some realistic action stuff, unlike that cheesey A-TEAM trailer . I agree that Jason Patric was a trip. In fact I think the movie could benefit with more of him to counterpoint Jeffrey Dean Morgan's character who is a bit laid back. The studio must know something to go head-to-head with the other biggies."

Joy Somerville tweets, "Went to a screening of THE LOSERS w/ Jeffrey Dean Morgan. WOW super HOT! Lots of action, great characters, and funny."

And Kevin Gasca tweets, "Saw a test screening of THE LOSERS at the Bridge last night and was pleasantly surprised! I enjoyed it a lot. Check it out in April."

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

THE LOSERS Trailer In Glorious Quicktime™!

You can now download THE LOSERS movie trailer in Quicktime, Windows and iPod-friendly formats, including crisp HD, from the official movie website. Well worth checking out if all you've seen is the teeny-tiny MSN Blur-O-Vision™ version!

If this is your first taste of THE LOSERS, you can learn more about the comic it's based on at Wikipedia, download the entire first issue for free (8Mb PDF), and buy the first 300-page graphic novel from your local comic shop, Khepri, Amazon U.S. or Amazon U.K.