Friday, March 26, 2010

THE LOSERS Set Visits, Interviews & Posters

Yesterday a ton of THE LOSERS news and interviews hit the 'net, as Warner Bros lifted their embargo on set visits made during the filming in September 2009. They've also released six awesome new character posters.

The articles and interviews at Comic Book Resources, Cinematical, HitFix, SuperHeroHype, IGN, MovieWeb, SciFiWire are pretty much identical...

... but Collider wins extra points for including the original audio recordings alongside the interview transcripts:

SuperheroHype also included an interview with Oscar Jaenada (Cougar).

Last but not least, there's also a new interview with director Sylvain White over at MTV Splash Page.

Sylvain mentions referencing the colour palette of the original comics, which were coloured by the mighty Lee Loughridge. Credit where it's due!

More soon, including an exclusive set visit report by AICN's Quint.

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